“Over the last year my father has been under your company’s care, and I would like to give feedback on what a fantastic job your carers and managers did for him in that short time.

Your carers and managers Emma and Katy have always been professional and proactive in caring for him.

Examples of this are listed below:-

  • Great Communication – via the notes written each time a visit was made. I was always kept up to date with how my father was upon entry to his house and whether he was in an open doorway at risk and what he was wearing.  This was very important for me to understand and made me feel at ease.
  • Updates on Medication / Food running low – quick to let me know when this was happening so I could replenish.
  • Conversations with my father – all your carers would talk to him in a calm and pleasant or reassuring manner (which I could sometimes hear conversations via his video link).
  • Personal care was encouraged – even when he was not in the mood.

I know that due to my father’s dementia he had some irrational behaviour that made looking after him difficult at times but due to your carers professionalism they carried on.” (June 2021, Son of Mr W, Ampthill)

“We would like to thank all the amazing staff at A Caring Company for the amazing care given to our mum. We always knew that she was being very well looked after and that everyone was her friend as well as her carer and for us it was a huge weight lifted off us to know that she was being so well cared for. We will always recommend you to anyone in need of you.” (May 2021, family of Mrs H in Ampthill)

“I am moved to write some words of appreciation for ‘A Caring Company’ now that my father has peacefully passed and we are beginning to process our loss.

For many many months you have been part of our daily lives, coming in to care for my father and his various complex needs. Your skills and professional integrity has always been exemplary, but what made the real difference was the very real human and compassionate ways in your dealings with him and my mother and indeed the whole family including the dog.

I can’t begin to express our gratitude for the care that you took of him, it made his journey so much more comfortable, physically and emotionally. We will miss you all.

Furthermore and as a footnote, your visit after his passing, to wash and dress his body made a huge difference to our ability to come to terms with the situation.

He left in a very dignified way and you were part of that, myself and mum thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”  (Son of Mr B, Ampthill. April 2020)

Thank you for the superb care and support you gave to my partner and to us through her illness. Every one of you that visited and cared for her were outstanding. Thank you again (Partner of Miss S Maulden)

To Loretta and her amazing team. Thank you all for the love and care you showed my dad (Daughter of Mr T Westoning)

Thank you for all you have done for my husband.. Your help and support was greatly appreciate and your carers were kind and compassionate (Wife of Mr H Flitwick)

I am writing to express my appreciation for the care and compassion you and your team showed while looking after my daughter ….. We could not have wished for better attention. Our daughter forged good relationships with the carers and there was always time for a laugh as well as a tear. Thank you for smoothing the ragged edges of a painfully sad time in our lives (Father of Miss O Streatley)

To a wonderful team. Thank you for your help and support over the last few years. Thank you for your patience and understanding.  All the carers work in a professional way and I would have no hesitation in recommending you. We will miss seeing you all. (Daughter in law of Mr H Streatley)

Thank you so much for all you did for my husband. The carers were nice, kind gentle and so understanding when he had a bad day. I will miss them all so much. (Wife of Mr R Flitwck)

Thank you so much for caring for our special Mum. I know she greatly appreciated the genuine care you provided and for taking the time to listen to us (Daughter of Mrs D Chalton)

Thank you all for the care and attention you gave to our Dad. He was always pleased to see his carers. We really appreciate all you did to every day to make Dad comfortable in his home. You do an amazing job. (Daughters of Mr G Barton-le-Clay)

A huge thank you to you and your team for the care you took of my husband and the understanding you showed to us all  (Wife of Mrs H Toddington)

Thank you to all the girls who cared for Mum over the last few years. She could not have had better care or be treated with better kindness and consideration. We could not have coped so well without your help over this period. Again a big heartfelt thank you to you and all the staff (Daughter and Son of Mrs H, Toddington)

Thank you and for looking after my father so much during these last months. You made his life and ours so much easier. He trusted you all so well, a BIG compliment. It’s good to know there are people like you who really care (Daughter of Mr B Flitwick)

A big thank you to all the lovely carers who helped look after my husband. Your kindness and care was wonderful. (Wife of Mr F Westoning)

It was hard for me to get Dad to agree to carers but once your team started it was so easy. You treated Dad with respect, love and you made him laugh. He enjoyed his banter with the ladies. When he was in hospital he kept saying “I am having my favourite carers”. You all made his day when you came and I know that he was in safe hands. (Daughter of Mr B Flitwick)